Digitalization and Political Behavior, LMU Munich

Led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Wuttke, the teaching unit investigates the state of liberal democracy from the perspective of ordinary citizens and it explores the challenges and opportunities afforded by digitalization. We strive for transparency, rigor, and inclusivity in our research culture. We use computational social science approaches and a broad array of methods for causal inference.


2024/04/01 New team members

Dr. Nadine Zwiener-Collins has joined the team as a Postdoctoral researcher. She studies public opinion and political behavior. Next to teaching at GSI, she contributes to the study that evaluates Registered Reports at JOP.

Valeriya Barakhvostova joins as a Research assistant. She will support an ongoing study that implements and tests AI Interviewers, i.e. using Large Language Models for In-Depth Interviewing.

2024/03/14 DLF-Interview on Survey Methodology

Can we trust surveys? Are representative polls possible?

Feature in DLF-Systemfragen with soundbites by Rainer Schnell, Werner Krause and myself in German.


2024/03/06 SZ-Interview on Democracy

German Newspaper Süddeutsche (Katharina Haase) talked with me about democracy and the ongoing protest against the Alternative für Deutschland.

2024/01/29 Opinion piece in “Forschung&Lehre” (german)

Forschung & Lehre published a collection of opinion pieces on “Teaching Today” where I shared my thoughts on artificial intelligence in teaching.

2023/12/12 Open Postdoc Teaching position (50%, 1 Year) [position filled]

There is an open position for a Postdoc at our Teaching Unit for Digitalization and Political Behavior. The position is part-time, starting April 1st for two semesters. It is for teaching one course each semester. The position can be combined with an existing position at LMU (up to 50%) or another university (up to 70%).

Applications are encouraged as early as possible.

Find more information here.

2023/12/02 FAZ newspaper covers study on populist attitudes
Boris Holzer published a summary of our Registered Report study (Nils Steiner, Christian Schimpf, Alexander Wuttke) in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, titled “Der Aufstand der Abgehängten: Warum ist die Wählerschaft populistischer Parteien so divers?”
2023/12/01 Slides on AI in teaching
I published some slides (German)
2023/11/30 R Web course

New Resource to Learn R for Social Science the gentle, fun, and accessible way - no hassle to install R(Studio). Dive right in - individualized feedback - code on your own, within the web browser - plotting, data wrangling and analysis

Made by Philipp Schröder, Laura Kiemes and Alexander Wuttke. Made possible by funding from LMU and Geschwister Scholl Institute.

Link to R Web Course

2023/11/29 AI Symposium

The state of Bavaria established a large number of AI professorships in the past years. Today, 10 newly appointed LMU AI and Data Science professors presented their research.

AI Symposium